Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sew Inspiring!

I saw this on Sew Retro and had to share. This is the work of Angela Carter, Auckland based artist.

Coralline dress by Angela Carter

Hydra dress by Angela Carter

Angela Carter, otherwise known as Mermaid's Purse, made these out of recycling - she made the fabric out of plastic bags and then made amazing dresses out of them! Yep, those blue bits in Coralline are the logos of the plastic bags. The two pieces were entered into the Cult Couture show this year, and the Hydra dress won the Recycled Revolution prize.

Coralline and Hydra dresses by Angela Carter at Cult Couture
This has really inspired me to think more about the types of fabrics that I use in my creations. I have been thinking for a while that I would like to start sourcing ethically where I can, but this opens up a whole new dimension in terms of what is possible in terms of recycling, upcycling and 'make do and mend'. I would also like to play around a bit more with texture and colour so this is incentive for me to get on and become a good seamstress - as Fran would say 'you have to know all the rules first before you can break them'. If you look at her blog, you will see that both dresses took a lot of time, effort and experimentation - but I think all the effort was worth it, don't you? How extraordinary!

More details about the processes and construction about Hydra here  and about Coralline here.

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