Saturday, 30 November 2013

Memory Lane

My mum is moving house so I had to go back and pick up my stuff which involved going through lots of old bits and pieces. I had two bin bags full of rubbish, two more full of paper for recycling and about two thirds of my old books have gone to charity. Phew! I took some time to go through some old photos and to throw some away - you know all those ones that are blurry, or have the thumb over the lens, or of people I don't remember anymore. It was a real trip down memory lane - all the photos from school and Sixth Form and from Uni... so many photos of my year abroad in my third year, and going clubbing with Miss R in my fourth year.... I was pretty trigger happy, probably a lot more than I am now actually.

I took all my stuff back with me and now my room is looking pretty full. I decided that I should probably do a clear out so G very kindly came round and helped me clear things away. We're only half way through, but we have cleared away quite a lot. It feels quite nice to be throwing things away... I can feel a shift inside myself, I'm ready to clear up, get moving, start afresh. In addition to that Fairy Princess Mummy is letting me store some stuff at her place where they have a lot more loft space and she is taking away some of my charity bags for me because she has a car, which is very kind. But just for one night I'll be at home in one room with all the stuff I own in the world.

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