Sunday, 24 November 2013

Jive Night: Betty's Doghouse

A week earlier than normal with only two days notice the legendary Phil announced that he had invited Betty's Doghouse, a rockabilly trio from the Netherlands. This was the last Jive Night of the year, but the turn out was pretty poor - there is a gig on next week and the Rhythm Riot was last week so I imagine most people were either knackered or skint or both.

The band played pretty fast and loose. They played three sets, so at least we had a chance to catch our breath at some point. They did lots of classics (I had a very haphazard dance to Johnny Cash) they were adaptable too - a DJ put on the rockabilly version of 'Tainted Love' in one of the breaks and they performed that next. The name refers to Betty Boop, they had a little doll of her attached to the drum kit so that it looked like she was helping play the drums, it was adorable. I had a wee chat with a couple of the band on the way out, and Miss Mac even managed to get a dance with the drummer.

The music was good, though because the pace was pretty fast mostly it made jiving pretty difficult. We managed a few strolls and Miss Mac and I had a good old bop to some of the faster songs. I danced with most of the lads at least once, and got a dance in with Ingrid before she left. It took me a while to get into it this time, I was a little off my rhythm. I hadn't seen Miss Mac for a while so we got a little bit of gossip in outside by the pool tables a few times over the course of the evening. She spent a bit of time trying to teach me to Charleston - I think I need a good dance around my bedroom to perfect that one, maybe I should ask for some Cole Porter music for Christmas?! I had a dance with a lovely older man that I've danced with before and we managed to have a chat after which was nice - he gave me some advice on my dancing which I really appreciated ('Keep your arms firmer') and he introduced me to his wife, they have been Lindy hopping for years, they don't go to the classes but they try to get to the events when they can.

I was wearing Dress no. 2, (the flowery, slightly wayward one) and the legendary Phil declared that I was looking resplendent. How very lovely of him to say so! I got a fair few compliments ('You look like such a lady!' said N), especially when I mentioned I'd made it. It's got definitely got some twirl to it, that dress! N was wearing a fabulous black and white rock n' roll dress with a petticoat and everything, and Ingrid was wearing a lovely red wiggle dress with a fake fur coat. Apart from that most people didn't really dress up, and for once the men had made more effort than the ladies - there were a few good ties and some waistcoats and even a couple of hawaiian shirts. P had been away recently and brought me back the second tackiest fan in Paris - it has a picture of the eiffel tower, a baguette, an old Fiat 500, and even a croissant. Apparently the most tacky fan in Paris had ruffles and frills on it and she just couldn't bring herself to buy it for me. The fan came in very handy since it was boiling in there, but I have to say it was a chilly evening, I was pretty glad to get a lift back with Miss Mac.

I'm never going to say no to a dance, but I must say it was a bit of a flat end to the year. I really enjoyed the band though and I'd like to catch them again sometime.

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