Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Big City High Tea

I kept meaning to get to London and see Miss H's new flat and then before I knew it suddenly it's November and neither of us have any free weekends til Christmas... life moves fast sometimes,doesn't it? I haven't even had time to moan about the short evenings and the chill in the air because it's not long now til the evenings start getting longer. Well, anyway, it turned out the we both had Saturday free so I grabbed the opportunity to see her and jumped on a train post haste.

We met at Goldhawke Road tube station and had a coffee and a wee chat before heading out and tackling some fabric shops. I wasn't quite prepared for the sheer numbers of fabric shops on that street! You walk out of the tube station and there are about ten in plain sight already. We went into Classic Textiles (as recommended by Roisin on her blog) and I picked up some plain lilac cotton and Miss H found this really amazing toile that was white with red print that looked a bit like willow pattern from a distance but actually turned out to be rustic farmhouse scenes (complete with chickens). We both got really excited about it, so I bought some and said I'd make it into some sort of garment for her - she looked delighted! Next up we went across the road to A-Z Fabrics and had a look. They had some really amazing beige heavy weight fabric with Victorian era news print on it, complete with illustrations of hot air balloons and pictures of serious men with cravats and sideburns. Alas, it was £25 a metre. Oh well. I was planning to make Miss T's Christmas present and I decided that I needed something much more exciting so we popped into the shop next door which was covered in sparkly, sequinned, lacy, day-glo, furry, and generally ridiculous textiles. It seems like a good bet for me to find something quirky - and so I did. Look out for a post about that soon.

As much as I love textiles, it must be said that after a while I get saturated by colours and shapes and generally run away without buying anything because I can't process it all. (Actually this happens to me with any other type of shopping too.) Around this time we decided to run away and have lunch so we wandered up the road and found this lovely little sushi place and shared the vegetarian platter. I haven't had sushi for ages - yummmm!

Then we caught the rail replacement bus (hooray for scheduled engineering on the tube!) up to Highgate so that she could introduce me to her area. It's a nice 15 min stroll from the bus up to the house and it becomes increasingly gentrified as you walk up the hill. It is a wonderful area though, right up my street. We went for tea at a tea shop a stones throw from the house called High Tea of Highgate which was quirky and delightful but still genuine and all things a tea shop should be. It sells art prints and tea and tea pots and aprons and harmonicas and scarves and blankets as well, so there was a lot to do. I had Christmas tea which smelled fabulous and Miss H had some elderflower, and we shared a slice of lemon drizzle and a slice of lavender cake. We giggled about ridiculous things and sang along to the Christmas music they were playing and chatted to the bar staff. It felt like old times. Then we walked back down the hill and I jumped on a bus to go home. I will most definitely be visiting again, so hopefully I'll get a chance to look around and explore more.

Fun times! A lovely day catching up - it did me the world of good. I'm sure I'll be back down to buy fabric again at some point in the new year, so I'm quite sure that Miss H will be coming with me.


  1. That sounds wonderful...and it was a perfect way to pass some time this afternoon when I should be working. :)

    1. Ah, I do like a bit of procrastination! Lovely to have you round, please stop by again :)