Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What a Cracker

The place where I teach meditation has a fantastic caretaker - he's a spritely gentleman in his 80s and he comes in to lock up every week while I'm packing up and we always have a little chat. I see him once a week, which is probably more than I see some of my friends, to be honest!

Yesterday, I asked him what he was up to and he replied 'About 5'11 by now'. It cracked me right up. Hooray for Tommy Cooper style humour, you don't get much of it about these days.


  1. Natita, where are you living these days? I still have Jampel as an address for you but no idea if you're still there...

    1. Yep, still at Jampel for the moment... though I'm thinking about moving out to get a bit more space.... let me know if you hear of anything x

    2. I don't know of anything in the Canterbury area these days (though if you were looking to move to London I might) but if Mum mentions anything I'll pass it on. I saw something that I thought might amuse you and wanted to post it to you is all!