Friday, 18 October 2013

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Yesterday, Middle B and I went out for dinner - the first time in ages. Then afterwards we decided to go somewhere else for coffee. Except what we actually had was strawberry milkshake and a coffee and chocolate truffle and a pear milkshake and a parmesan and olive chocolate. Yes! Parmesan and olive chocolate! 

The other excitingness is that various people have been sending me post. Not just I-ordered-it-on-the-internet-for-myself-and-forgot post, but actual, real, unexpected post! Hurrah! I got a letter from Miss H, some teeny homemade cookies from Miss V, and then today I got some chocolate from a friend because it reminded her of me.

It did come with the comment 'I know you would never snarl like that though', which is is very true.

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