Monday, 14 October 2013

Let it Shine

It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks, I'm just settling into my new timetable at work and having to juggle things about. For those of you who don't know, I work as a Support Assistant at a Dyslexia and Disability Unit in a university, so I help students with their academic needs. Timetabling can be pretty hairy, so you end up with all sorts of subjects depending on which students need help in which lectures at what times. I love my job... I really, really love my job. What I don't love so much is all the uncertainty at the beginning of term, but that soon passes and I remember just how much I love my job. I mean really...I get to attend lectures by passionate, inspired people about interesting things... and yet also be helping other people fulfill their ambitions, forging relationships and finding out about different experiences in life. This term I got back one of my students from last year, which is lovely because we got on really well, and I've got another four new students to get to know. All in all, my lectures are about international conflict, international security, divided societies, drugs and culture, managing people, fires and explosions (forensic physics), punishment and prisons, and international business  - all this knowledge I'm accumulating, seems like preparing to take over the world, no? I'll be a benevolent dictator, I promise - if a little ridiculous.

In other news, dress no. 3 is progressing quite happily, despite work disrupting my sewing classes I have managed to get into a routine with that too. All I need is to get back to the gym and all will be well. Still, piece by piece. I have acupuncture on Friday, which I'm really excited about... I am feeling a lot better for being back at work, but I'm still feeling a little precarious about life... time to get some sparkle back, I think. I spent a bit of time with M recently and remembered just how much I appreciate him. We've both been a bit rubbish about being in contact over the summer but I think we're going to have to sort it out. Seeing him definitely helps me sparkle. So, I can get my sparkle back by hanging out with some long lost friends, by finding pretty things to wear, by learning interesting things, by finding things delightful and mostly by laughing a lot. If any of you want to contribute to this, feel free to make me laugh anytime or pass on anything you find delightful, I'll be much indebted to you. Who knows, maybe I'll send a few giggles your way too. In fact, I think we should make it a project: we spend November doing our best to be sparkly - much needed as the winter draws in! Let me know all the things you are doing... we'll all be glittering and shining and sparkling about the place in no time!

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