Friday, 4 October 2013

Back to Work

It's been a crazy week for me, I'm back to work after a long, hazy summer. It was weird not having a routine, and now it's weird getting back into it. I'm happy with my timetable so far - I love the Uni I work in anyway, I've got some awesome students that I'm assisting this year, and the courses I'm working in are amazing. I'm hoping for a couple more hours, but at the moment I can't complain one iota. The best bit is that so far I have flexi time on Wednesdays, so I haven't even had to move my sewing lessons.

Speaking of sewing lessons, I'm onto my third dress - we're learning about button holes and pleated skirts in this one. I don't have much space in the house I live in so Fran said I could come into the shop and use the sewing machine there when she's not using it. That means that I get some sewing in between lessons without having to pay for it, which is great, but I also have enough space to cut out and iron and all that jazz. So kind! I've also spotted a few wonderful fabrics in some of the clearance sections of some lovely online shops so I've been getting all inspired.

One lovely thing I found out is that my old tutor from my Uni days is coming in at some point this term as a guest speaker - I'm not sure when the talk is but I hope I can make it, we used to get on really well and I'm looking forward to seeing him.

So far, so good. If things carry on like this I'm in for a fantastic term!

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