Friday, 13 September 2013

Weekly Round-up

Things that happened this week:

* The girl at Pret gave me a free coffee - I asked if it was a promotion and she said that she felt like it. What a sweetie!

* The legendary Phil told Miss T and I that we have rhythm. Hurrah!

* Miss T and I discovered that gin and monster munch go surprisingly well together. (Beef flavour, since you asked.)

* I had acupuncture with my lovely lady, and (among other things) she told me to remember that I'm a good person. Because we all forget sometimes, you know. In relation to this, I must add that some of my friends have been generally amazing recently and for that I am very grateful.

* I altered the waist-band and took up the hem of a rather lovely skirt. Work on dress no.2 starts next Weds. True to form, I have already made my life more difficult by requesting that we make a belt to match and add in pockets - because who doesn't love a dress with pockets? Exactly.

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