Friday, 20 September 2013

The Sun Always Shines on TV

It is most definitely autumn now. We had our first work meeting on Thurs - cultural awareness training in the morning (did you know that Brits use a lot more eye contact than anyone else?) and then a team meeting in the afternoon. I was hoping to get my timetable, but apparently it's all up in the air still. I love my job, but the first two weeks of term are always a bit of a mess - we're still waiting for various courses to finalise their timetables and venues, and we're still waiting for some of the students to give us documentation regarding their various conditions. Last year, I worked with three students: one deaf, one visually impaired and one with anxiety. Maybe I'll get to work with one or two of them again, who knows. In the meantime, I'm just hanging about waiting for my timetable.

I've also been feeling a little unfit these last few weeks, and I've been trying to get back to a regular gym routine but I've so far only managed dribs and drabs. I know I feel better when I'm exercising regularly - I get less puffed out walking to work, I feel more toned up and I tend to sleep and eat better - so it's time to get on it, I'll need all the help I can get during the dark winter months so it's better for me to get into a routine now. This week I went to aqua three times, yes, three times! There is a lady who teaches on a Mon who I really like - she works us pretty hard - who says aqua is just for old ladies?! This is all sprints and circuit training and weights. Just cause it's hard doesn't mean it's serious though - I still get to do frog impressions, pretend I'm on a rocking horse and imagine I'm a mermaid. One of the best things about this lady is that she has great taste in music, which is always good in an exercise class. Last few weeks have been mostly disco, but this week she changed to 80s. Just what I needed!

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