Friday, 27 September 2013

Oh, that Dress! (pt 2)

Dress no. 2 is finished! Hurrah! It's another Vogue Vintage V8789, but view A this time. I wanted a different fabric but there wasn't enough on the roll, but the legendary Phil said this was very late 40's early 50s so pretty fitting for the pattern as it turned out. Middle B meanwhile thought it was a bit curtain-y but I like curtains and it ended up working out. Making the bodice was fine, but it all got a bit wayward while I was making the skirt... I almost gave her a name, she had so much personality! I'm going to make a belt to match, but I'm waiting for belt buckles to arrive. Still, the dress itself is all done and much faster and much neater than the last one too.

Seams and darts and fabric, oh my!

Much less facing on this one

We start tackling the skirt... it's a lot of fabric

I wanted a pocket so Fran improvised a pattern

We pin up the seams between us

gathering the skirt and fitting it to the bodice took a while

Zips are always the most complicated bit

Fran pins up the hem for me

Something to keep me going through the long hours

I'm pretty pleased with the hem
Ta da! Twirly twirly!

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