Sunday, 29 September 2013

Jive Night: The Severed Limb

We're all getting back into the swing of things after the summer break, and jive nights are no exception. The legendary Phil saw The Severed Limb play at a weekender a while back and decided to snap them up. They are more skiffle than jive really, so dancing was interesting to say the least. Two or three of the songs were slow enough to stroll to, so Miss Mac and I hit the floor and most of the other ladies followed. (The band said that was the best dancing they'd seen to that song!) A few of the songs were fast enough to jive to, but mostly we ended up just having a mess around - there was a bit of charleston flapper-y type action, some 1960's style capers and we even made it to some silly dancing at the end of the night. I'd like to blame the drink, but I only had one and Miss Mac is allergic to alcohol, so it was just some unabashed, shameless fun frankly. The music itself was absolutely great, I can imagine dancing around my bedroom to this for ages, but the songs were pretty long, which you don't really notice unless you're jiving to them so we all ended up absolutely knackered within a few songs. (Most rockabilly songs are about 2 mins so not too long if you have a torturous dancing partner.) They were great, and I would recommend catching them live if you can - not least because the lead singer play the washboard (a washboard!) with more spirit than I've ever seen. (Admittedly, I haven't seen that many washboard players....).

There was generally a really lovely atmosphere to the evening. It wasn't completely packed but there were enough people for it to seem busy. P wore one of my dresses - much more elegantly than I ever do, I must say - she wore a black and white polka dot dress with black bolero, belt and shoes and big silver pearls. I wore dress no. 1 which got a fair few compliments which was delightful, the buttons were a big success - the legendary Phil described them as multicoloured volcanoes and twice congratulated me on managing to make a dress. Miss Mac wore a lovely little black wiggle dress that inspired me to make my own - I'm already thinking about fabrics. Some of the other ladies looked extraordinary as always, and there were a few smart gentlemen about the place too.

When I wasn't messing about with Miss Mac, I managed a few actual dances. I had a couple of dances with Red to begin with which was a nice warm up, I danced with Ingrid a few times which is always lovely. I had a few haphazard dances with some of the lads towards the end of the night - still fun, but slightly perilous (jiving can be a little dangerous, you know). Some of the other girls are learning to lead so I had a few dances with them, with varying levels of success - mostly dependent on alcohol consumption and levels of tiredness as the night wore on. I finally managed to get a dance in with the legendary Phil and we had a long, close slow dance which was scrummy. I grabbed him for a jive for half of a country song which we ended up dancing at half time which was actually really relaxing, and I finally got him for a proper jive towards the end of the evening. Fabulousness all round.

I'm so happy that jive nights are back on. Rock it!

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