Friday, 6 September 2013

Because Undies Matter...

I was on my way to go dancing the other day (with two cakes in my handbag!) and I ran into V outside the pub with a friend. I sat down and had a chat for a while, it was lovely. Finally I told her I had to disappear because I was going to jive so I gathered up my handbag and assorted cakes, and just as I was going she said, 'Make sure your skirt doesn't twirl too high!'. I exclaimed, 'You know it will!'. She shouted after me,'I hope you've got big knickers on!', to which I replied that I did indeed, and as I was a few feet away from the table, she shrieked, 'I hope they're proper Bridget Jones knickers!', to which the girls sat on the next table all giggled mercilessly. The moral of this story is that foundation garments are important... and they also make people giggle.

When I got to jive, one of the girls (who reminds me of Jessica Rabbit!) was wearing these delightful tights. She said she'd gotten more compliments on her tights that evening than she ever had about anything else. While I don't actually believe that, I do think they're amazing. Behold the tights of awesomeness:

and the backs:

Some people are amazing without even trying!

You can get them here or maybe slightly cheaper on eBay if you look up 'kitty tights'


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    1. They are fabulous! I never wear anything short enough to make them work, otherwise I would totally get some.