Saturday, 31 August 2013

Winding Down

Is it the last day of summer? September does sound more autumnal, though the weather seems not to agree with me - it's glorious out there! I am however back into teaching next week, and back to work proper in a couple of weeks time, so I can see myself starting to wind down. 

I had a couple of cysts removed from the top of my head the other day. I went to a surgery and they gave me local anaesthetic and there was a junior doctor there so they were explaining everything that went on in quite a lot of detail. It's funny because the area is numb but you can still feel things happening - a sharp tug here, pulling out things there - so it was interesting to know exactly what the doctor was doing. At the end, they asked if I wanted to see it and they showed me what a cyst is made of. It was exciting! Once the drugs had worn off the pain came back and it was bearable but not great. I had a couple of stitches in each one that need to be taken out once the wounds have healed. There is another one that needs an ultrasound. Oh bodies, they're so complex.

I was supposed to be at a rockabilly shindig this weekend, but my body being a little bit unhappy, as well as still being knackered from all the galavanting this week meant that I really didn't feel like it. It's such a shame because it would have been fun if I'd been in the right frame of mind but I think I need to rest up and let my body recuperate. I guess sometimes you need to listen to yourself and figure out what you need, and for me this is one of those times. I'm sure more excitement will happen soon enough, but today I think I'm going to do what I do when I need some down time - go to a cafe with some stitching, spend some time in the sun, read a bit and reflect on life. 

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