Thursday, 15 August 2013

Some days...

I'm feeling slightly lacklustre at the moment - not anything serious enough to worry about, but just a bit flat. The first thing I did was start going to aqua again (because who doesn't like splashing about doing frog and rocking horse impressions?!) and I'm trying to stop going on the internet in the middle of the night and just go to sleep like a normal person. This has been greatly helped the last few days by the fact that our connection in the house has been down, so if I'm going to stay up doing pointless things it would be playing mahjong or something rather than looking at dresses which is the normal way of things, and frankly mahjong is much less exciting so more chance of sleep for me, hooray. It's still pretty sunny out, so at least I get to flounce about in some lovely skirts for a while longer which usually lifts my spirits somewhat (because who doesn't like twirling about in a swishy skirt?!). I'm choosing to blame my hormones which means that I can ride it out and get on with things safe in the knowledge that there is nothing actually wrong and it's just my body doing it's thing. I found this on facebook and had to share -  from now on I shall think of my backing and forthing as being less like ups and downs and more like dancing:

Shake it, baby!
The date is all set for my third sewing lesson which I'm really looking forward to. I'm finally picking up Dolly (my sewing machine) from the doctors today. I'm quite excited to have a play around and get to know all the mechanics and the settings for various things. I got Middle B to take a photo of the purse I made too (I'll get my camera sorted out soon I hope!) - I love this fabric! I'm happy with the way it turned out (though it could have done with a bit of an iron before I took a photo,
but hey ho):

Handmade by me! Yippee! 
Anyway, I've got plenty going on in the next few days to keep me busy, and hopefully I'll be on the up again. Til then, I'll be in my room learning how to Cha-cha-cha.

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