Thursday, 29 August 2013


I had another sewing lesson today, and I'm still not finished with that dress but I'm getting there! The bodice is just about finished and I've put gathers in the skirt so next time all I need to do is stitch it together and put the zip in and then we're done. Wooooo!

In somewhat related news, I had a conversation with Jules the other day and she exclaimed, 'Your godson has inherited your fashion sense!'. It turns out that he really likes baking and sewing and dancing, which definitely sounds like me. When they went shopping for clothes last week, he said he wanted a tutu. She gently explained that's fine by her, but that maybe some of the other boys might tease him about it and asked if he is alright with that. He replied that he didn't want a pink tutu because that's a bit girly so he went for a black glittery one. When I spoke to her on skype he was dancing round the house in it. That's my boy! I'm excited to see what kind of a man he'll turn out to be.

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