Friday, 23 August 2013

Oh, That Dress!

The adventure continues! On Wednesday, I went into the shop for my sewing lesson with my lady, Fran, and we started making the dress. I already had some fabric, and I ran down to the sewing shop and bought a zip. We started off by having a look at the pattern, then spent a while cutting out and pinning various bits, and then finally got onto piecing bits together and did a bit of sewing. I thought I'd be nervous about the cutting out, but it was actually the sewing the scared me... this is it! argh! I got the darts done in the bodice and then we decided to call it a day. I forget how tiring it is learning how to do things! I was really excited by the end of the session though, it felt like we'd done so much. It was quite an easy going day, and being in the shop meant that I got to chat to the manager and we all had tea breaks together. The manager said I was fairly much part of the furniture by now - a big squishy armchair maybe.

I went back on Thursday for a couple of hours and we continued to work on the bodice of the dress. I was a little more tired and slightly less enthusiastic. Looking back on it now, we did actually get a lot done, but it was all little fiddly bits. I stitched the bodice together, we put the button loops on the shoulders and I cut out and stitched the facing. At one point I said, 'Am I nearly done with the bodice?' and Fran said 'Well, not really, but we're getting there.' Sigh! I think part of the frustration was that I'd done lots of small bits and pieces with no real overview as to where it was going so it's harder to appreciate how much I'd done. I also think that I give myself a hard time because it takes me a long time to learn mechanical skills compared to how easily I pick up concepts and other things. Most of the time I'm alright with it, but some days I get annoyed that it takes so long for the penny to drop. We really are nearly done with the bodice now, so all I have to do is press the seams and tidy everything up in there and then we can move onto the skirt. As Fran said, it was quite a big jump from making a small purse to making a dress with all the fitting and shaping considerations that come with it. I have my next lesson booked for next Thursday morning, so we'll see how far I get. I have to admit that it is looking good so far. I should be able to put photos up next week to show you. Hurrah!

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