Monday, 12 August 2013

A Few of My Favourite Things

I had such a fabulous weekend: I spent Friday with Fairy Princess Mummy and the girls having coffee and watching Epic (Elder FP decided she is the Queen and that I am MK which I was happy with!) and then listening to Flight of the Conchords and drinking Pimms (once the girls were in bed obviously). Then on Saturday, we went out for breakfast - I adore going out for breakfast! - at the local greasy spoon (the owners give the girls lollypops) and then watched Hercules (which I'd never seen before) and then off home to see Middle B and mooch around the garden for a bit and drink tea and have a chat and do some knitting and lounge about... in short all of my favourite things in one day. We capped it all off by making quiche for dinner. Films, tea, comedy, small children ridiculousness, weekend breakfast, craftyness, sunshine, cooking, wonderful company - these are a few of my favourite things....

Pea, Mint and Goats Cheese Quiche
Taken from the BBC Good Food recipe

300g frozen peas
3 tbsp olive oil
handful of mint leaves
2 eggs
284 ml pot of double cream
4 spring onions (scallions), finely sliced
200g goats cheese

For the pastry:
280g plain flour and a bit extra for dusting
140g cold butter, cut into pieces

- Put oven at 200C, gas mark 6. Make the pastry by putting the flour and butter in a bowl and rubbing together with your fingertips until its all mixed and crumbly. Then add 8 tbps of water and bring everything together until just combined and roll into a ball.

- Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface until it is 5cm bigger than a 25cm tin. Lift it up over a rolling pin and drape it over the tin so there is an overhang of pastry over the sides. Push the pastry into the corners of the tin. Leave to chill in the fridge for 20 mins.

- While the pastry is chilling, cook the peas for 3 mins, then drain and drizzle with the olive oil and stir in the chopped mint. We left them whole, but you can blend or puree them if you like.

- Line the pastry with a circle of baking parchment and some baking beans and blind bake the pastry for 20 mins. Then remove the beans and paper and bake for another 5 - 10 mins until browned.

- While the pastry is cooking, beat the eggs in a large bowl. Gradually add the cream and the spring onions and season. When the pastry is done and has cooled a bit, put the minted peas into the pastry case and pour over the egg mixture, then top with the goats cheese. Bake for 20 - 25 mins. Take out and let it cool a little in the case and then serve.

We served this up with some salad, some lightly boiled new potatoes and some roasted peppers.

Roasted Pepper Salad (Israeli style)

- Slice up red and yellow peppers into large chunks. Drizzle in a little oil, making sure they are completely covered. Put in the oven at about 200C, leave in until the edges get browned (or longer depending on how you like them).

- Drizzle in balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with garlic salt (or crushed garlic, as you like).

- Let sit for a while to absorb flavours. (This will last for a few days in the fridge as a cold salad... if you can resist eating it that is!)

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