Sunday, 28 July 2013

Waiting for the Man with a Van

The day has finally come: Miss V and her beau have packed up and left for the big city. I rocked up at their place at about 9.15am and was welcomed in with a cup of tea. 'Right, what do you want me to do?' I asked Mr. V, 'Well, we have a lot of ice cream that needs eating. No really, that would actually help.' So there I was perched on a futon mattress on top of the sofa eating Tiramisu ice cream straight from the tub... in order to help the moving effort, honest. We started hauling a few things downstairs but we mostly lounged until the man with the van came (we were hoping he'd be called Iman or A. Mann, but alas it was not to be). It took about an hour for the lads to load up the van. Once they were on their way, Miss V and I got hoovering, or I tried at least but the hoover is rubbish so I ended up using a dustpan and brush for a while. We popped to the shops and picked up some bits for lunch, some more tights, some babywipes for the surfaces and a new shirt for Miss V who was feeling very sorry for anyone who would have to sit next to her very sweaty self on the train to London later. It was mercy shopping, really. We had a little picnic lunch in the roughly empty living room and then I started to wipe down all the surfaces and the skirting boards. Once that was done we tackled upstairs. We made the place roughly presentable, finishing at about 4.15pm just in time to get a taxi into town and return the keys to the estate agents before they shut at 5. Good little scrubbers, we are (ha ha)! Both of us were feeling like it was a bit unreal, and frankly, the fact that both of them managed to get organised enough to move out and into London is quite a thing in itself. She gave me a tight hug good bye and went off to drop off the keys and then onto the station. I took the taxi home, an unexpected luxury, but given that Miss V had just given me lots of stuff, who am I to complain - I now find myself the happy owner of her Grandma's sewing machine (yep, another one!), a magimix juicer and the rest of the ice cream mentioned above, as well as a gorgeous handmade coat (made by Miss V's mum), a sparkly skirt and a pair of palazzo trousers that make my bum look amazing. Good haul, hey... and worth paying a taxi for in my book. Mr. V also left me his bike but it's locked up somewhere and I said I'd come back for that.

I now find myself in the position of having two sewing machines... hmmm. Is the universe really trying to tell me something?! It was a nice day actually, I'm pretty happy to help clean, it's like a little party if you're doing stuff together. I think it will be really weird going to my jive lessons without them, but I suppose I'll get used to it. Miss V has already found a place in walking distance for us to go dancing, a lido for swimming and an amazing local WI group so I'm sure both of them will have a lot of fun being there. It's not that far away and I'm really happy for them - though I am a little sad for myself, I must admit. And maybe this means that I'll get up to much more exciting things? Here's hoping - I'll keep you posted!

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