Thursday, 18 July 2013

Under the Sea

I was sitting in the cafe happily stitching when a little girl came over and asked what I was mending. I said I was making a blanket. She asked if it was for a baby and I said it was for someone just a bit older than her (give or take 30 years....). She then pulled out a black straw and told me that I had to put it my mouth because we were going snorkelling in the sea. She then made me put on my sunglasses because you need goggles in the sea. The mum came over to me and tentatively asked if I was ok and I said I was fine, so she left the little sister with me as well. The little girl's name is Sasha and she is 3, while her little sister Serena is 1. We perched on the sofa and did the breast stroke, as the old lady across from us watched us to figure out what were were doing. I asked Sasha if she could see any fishes and she said, 'Yes! They are pink and stripey.' It turns out the sea was pink too, but there was no seaweed ('Yuck!'). She then decided that we were now on a trampoline, and started jumping up and down on the sofa we were sitting on, trying to reach the picture that is halfway up the wall. Meanwhile, Serena burbled happily and crawled into my lap and played with my necklace, my blouse, my hair,...well, with any part of me she could touch really. Their mum asked Sasha to go up and ask for the bill, so she grabbed my hand and dragged me up to the counter. The family have just moved up from London, they have only been in town for about two months. Their grandma came up and asked me if I was a nanny - apparently Serena, the little one, rarely goes to anyone but her mum and certainly never to strangers. She was really surprised that both the girls were so comfy with me - I was very touched. I think we were all confused about how I had ended up swimming in a pink sea with a snorkle made of a straw for the afternoon.... It was delightful though!


  1. "swimming in a pink sea with a snorkle made of a straw for the afternoon" - like :)

  2. That could be the title of a creative workshop.