Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hazy Days of Summer

Mrs Im and I haven't seen each other for a while and I go a bit weird if I haven't connected with my roots for a too long. I went up to them yesterday, Im and her Mr. are both pretty overworked these days so we decided to keep it simple and not do much. I had a chat with Mr. and we watched the womens tennis for a bit, then we moved into the garden in the sunshine and drank tea and did some painting. In the evening, Mr. set up the bbq and we cracked open some beers. As the sun was drawing in we sat in the garden a while longer and spotted bats. Finally we watched a bit of Wanted and ate some champagne truffles and drank Mont Basillac and then went to bed. It was a really uncomplicated, lovely day that was really necessary to restore my ruffled nerves after the last few weeks. Splendid.

Literary Snail
The luggage tag was artfully distressed by Scott MantoothThe book pages were contributed by Chris VoyceThe snail that I used for reference was taken by zoologist Art Ankeroriginal photo is here: Colourful Land Snail

Luggage Beetle
This little beetle was also taken by Art Anker

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