Sunday, 14 July 2013

Dancing in the Sunlight

It is hot hot hot at the moment - it was about 27 C at 6pm, which means it must have been over 30 during the day. Where are we, the mediterranean?! And we all know what warm weather means: picnics, barbeques and beaches, hurrah!

Yesterday, Red decided to get us all together for a lazy day picnic in the Westgate Gardens. I whipped up a potato salad and wandered down there to knit, natter and eat yummy food. As it happened we also had a bit of a jive as well - we got a few wows when we did the Hip Hop and I also got a bruise on my arm again! and the other one hadn't even gone! There was an old man strolling about the park with headphones in having a little dance around as well, it was utterly charming. I also got quite a few people stopping me to talk about my knitting - I reckon it's the most sociable activity I do!

Today we got suited and booted and jumped in the car and headed up to sunny Margate towards the beach front where The Keytones had a free gig going on in the Piazza outside the Old Town. It was lovely seeing everyone out in the sun! Luckily we remembered the sunscreen and my fan came in very useful. Most people were way too hot to dance, but I managed a couple of strolls with some of the girls and a couple of dances with Pete and with Ingrid which made me happy. There were lots of little kids who were happy to jump about though, and one of them had a go on the drums during the intermission - she was amazing! 

Red is quite a fan of the band, and said he would have them play at his wedding they were that good. Once they got playing, I saw what he meant. The band have been going for a really long time, they sometimes play under the name of Hullabaloo, but today they were just a three piece. They had some great banter going between songs - the singer / double bassists would introduce the next song and the drummer would come up with these really delightful retorts while the guitarist messed around on the guitar. I went up to buy a CD from them after the show and the singer thanked me for dancing in this heat! What a sweetie! They did some originals and some covers, including a slow Elvis one for Ingrid and funnily enough, a cover of a song from Carmen (see below).... delightful! If you get a chance to see them then go, they're fantastic, and lovely blokes to boot.

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