Monday, 1 July 2013

A Change is as Good as a Rest

I spent the weekend having a much needed rest. On Saturday I went for an unexpected coffee with Miss V - her other half declined coming because he was very hung over after our Friday night shenanigans. So while he stayed in bed, Miss V and I decided to try Leonora's Kitchen for lunch - the food was good, we sat outside in the sun sipping coffee, it could almost have been somewhere Mediterranean... well, almost. We sat and people watched and chatted about life, the universe and everything (though mostly dresses and family) and then went our separate ways in the late afternoon.

In the evening, my friend Deb was throwing a party to celebrate the end of her second year of uni/ her divorce coming through/ summertime/ her daughter coming back from Australia/ just a reason to get everyone together. I was on cake duty so I jumped on the bus with a plain chocolate loaf from How to be a Domestic Goddess - I'm getting quite used to carrying cakes around in my handbag now! Deb has a really eclectic mix of friends so I met some interesting people and ate some lovely food (most of it was vegetarian, yippee!). We moved the party out to the garden and I got chatting to a man in advertising, a dentist and a police officer who has just started in an intelligence unit. After dinner, various instruments like guitar, violin, and various drums surfaced (and Deb handed out maracas and tambourines to the rest of us so we wouldn't feel left out), and then some people started playing some folk music and some old jigs and reels. It was really wonderful! I had to go home not too long after but I suspect by the end of the night dancing would have happened. Deb texted me today saying she loved it but, 'never enough time to chat when playing the hostess with the mostess... now I know why I prefer to go to parties rather than have them! But it was still great to share all good things in my life - events and friends'.

Then on Sunday I hopped on the high-speed to Margate to spend sometime with Fairy Princess Mummy and the little fairy princesses. Daddy was away on a stag do, so we got some girly time in. We spent the afternoon with another mummy down the road sitting out in the sun and drinking bucks fizz and watching the kids play in the paddling pool. Big FP and I sat down and played with some stickers while Little FP found every which way to climb onto things, little monkey that she is. We rounded up the kids and said goodbye and Big FP wanted to show me her bicycle skills so we had a little peddle up the road before going inside and making dinner for the girls. The girls and I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox while Mummy got some bits and pieces done. I think it went a little over the FPs heads, but Big FP started to enjoy it once she understood what was happening. I loved it, of course - I love Roald Dahl anyway, and I appreciated the aesthetics a lot and the way the story was told. It was a lot of fun. Then I got to hang out and watch some Poirot while Mummy wrestled the FPs into bed which always takes longer than you think. Then finally we had some grownup time to sit and chat over another glass of wine and properly got caught up over things - mostly boys and family and what we've been up to.

I don't see FP Mummy and the girls as much as I'd like, but I really love my weekends when I get to stay over. It really does feel like a holiday. We got to bed about 11pm, which is not too bad for us, a little late for a school night... but hey, how often do we get a proper girly gossip! I got to help out in the morning getting the girls ready for school - this mainly consisted of getting shoes on and helping look for dummies - and then getting a lift into town so we got a chat in the morning as well. We always end up having really interesting conversations (today it was about the education system and gender roles), and it was a lovely way to start a Monday morning I must say. I'm looking forward to seeing them all again soon. Maybe I should move into their spare room - and then every Monday could be this lovely!

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