Saturday, 29 June 2013

Jive Night: Piccadilly Bullfrogs

We had high drama on Weds at our dance class when the legendary Phil left his phone on the bar for a minute and had it stolen. A lad stole it while out drinking with his boss and some colleagues, when he was confronted he hid it a few streets away and couldn't find it when the police came. Luckily a lovely person found it and handed it into the police, so Phil has all his contacts and photos and whatnot and all is well.

This was the last Jive Night for a couple of months as we have a summer break - and it was a corker! I walked in the door and they were handing out cupcakes which is always a good start to the evening. I paid and then a stroller happened to be on so we were all up dancing before I'd even gotten a drink. Miss V looked lovely in a blue polka dot dress with an eiffel tower brooch and her hair backcombed... and she wasn't the only one, most of the ladies were dressed up and looking gorgeous. Luckily I remembered my fan, it got mighty hot in there - when we weren't dancing we were all sat around on the sofas fanning ourselves trying to get our breathe back.

Once the DJ set finished the band came on. They were a fantastic rockabilly trio the Piccadilly Bullfrogs. They were amazing to dance to! They have been on the scene for years and their experience shows. They formed in 2008 but they are part of a larger band, The Stargazers who have been going since the 80s. They played quite a lot of rockabilly and boogie woogie but with a few more swingy numbers as well so there was plenty of variation in the dancing. They generally chatted a little between the songs and did a good number of covers.

In between the two sets there were a couple of ladies, the Tutti Fruities, who did a burlesque number - they were so cute! It was nautical themed and they came out from behind a cardboard ship and did a little strip tease number.

The band came on again for a second set and everyone got on the dance floor. There was quite a significant amount of alcohol around by this point so the dancing was getting a bit more exuberant - which might explain a mysterious bruise I have on my arm this morning! I had quite a few dances with all sorts of people, particularly with, Red and I also managed to get a few in with Phil which made me very happy. There was a drunken Scot called Tam who didn't know any moves, so Red taught him a few, and by the end of the night he was rocking it. I had a few dances with him too, he was so happy.... he finally nailed the round-the-back move and was whooping and fist pumping and everything. Then P grabbed him for a dance and he moaned, 'You can't tell a Scotsman to put his drink down! But then my mother always told me not to refuse a dance with a woman.... now I  don't know what to do!' P just giggled and dragged him back onto the floor. He wasn't the best dancer but it was so much fun! The band did at least two encores - the singer said, 'They told me Canterbury would be an easy crowd - I didn't realise you all dance this hard!'. I really liked the band's style - probably the most fun I've had at Jive Night yet - talk about ending with a bang! I'll just have to wait til the end of Sept for the next Jive night - at least I still have dancing on Weds to look forward to.

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