Monday, 24 June 2013

In which our Intrepid Protagonist learns to be Somewhat Useful

My friend V is moving to a new house and asked if I could help with the decorating. I assumed she meant giving the walls a lick of paint, but as it turned out I spent a few days this week helping sand down and re-paint various bits of furniture. The theme of the house is red and black, so mostly we were painting things black and grey. I've never really done this sort of thing before, but hey, you live and learn.

Day 1: I spent most of the day sanding down fiddly knobs and ends on this old mirror. I drank 3 gins - which given that V was pouring meant that realistically I drank about 9. I also managed to get a bit of sunstroke and staggered home and promptly crawled into bed about 8pm with no dinner. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling sprightly so read for a couple of hours and then went back to sleep.

Is that a gin I see before me? 

Day 2: Woke up wondering if I'd be able to move, but as it turned out everything was in good working order so I trundled down to V's place ready to take up the sandpaper once more. I arrived and discovered that we were painting today. I studiously stayed away from the gin and drank an awful lot of tea and water. V's beau turned up to help put together a wardrobe and was very surprised that we were being industrious - I think he was expecting us to be sitting around watching day time television with some tea still talking about where the emulsion had gone to! I successfully managed to paint some small knobs for the dresser, a shoe rack, quite a lot of the patio and also my jeans. Was very proud.

Day 3: Back to sanding again, this time very small parts of a table. I have no idea where the parts go, but I'm only sanding not constructing. It was hot hot hot. I thought I'd escaped the sunburn but apparently not - much moisturizer will be used in the coming days, I feel. I did make lunch for everyone though, so never let it be said I don't pull my weight.

Indoor picnic - hurrah!
We managed to get most things finished off actually - window sills, dining room chairs, chests of drawers, wine racks, ornaments, bookcases and shoe racks were all sanded and painted and in the case of the chairs re-upholstered. Result!

Day 4: Thank goodness we were not working today because it is absolutely chucking it down. The great old British weather, eh?! A bit of rain never hurt anyone.... but I'm glad all the paint is dry nevertheless.

It's so pleasing to be able to look at something and say 'I did that!'. I think the house is going to look amazing once she's moved in and settled. It was a lot of fun, much more so than I thought it would be - although I'm not about to start a decorating business just yet, don't worry.

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