Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Little Bit of History

My dad has been visiting Europe for a bit so I got to spend some time with him at my sisters place in St. Albans. I've never been before and it was really lovely to have a good look around, especially since the weather was glorious.

I have a slightly bizarre relationship with my sister as an adult. We have almost nothing in common, she is very different to me, but also we have never been a close family so spending time at her house was very strange. My dad and I did get some time on our own so I got some meaningful time with him, which was lovely.

In any case, St. Albans is very beautiful and steeped in history, so it was fascinating to have a wander around all the Roman ruins and the Cathedral.

St. Albans Cathedral

A fabulous tile floor

They do some kind of procession representing pilgrimages to St. Albans, so there were all these massive puppets about the place. They were amazing.

Then we went to visit the Roman ruins. We started off looking at the mosaics that were discovered and then moved onto the theatre.

the floor of a roman house

a Roman theatre

I had a really nice day out catching the sun, and we even managed to spot some of the more elusive locals.

a heron comes out of play for a bit

I'm not sure when I'll visit again, but it is a very pretty city. I'm glad I caught it on a lovely sunny day.

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