Sunday, 26 May 2013

Jive Night: the Doggone Honkabillies

After a couple of weeks break, I got back into the swing of things on Wednesday at Jive class. Red and I worked on a couple of new moves - Phil tends to teach us pretty solid moves (usually ones you can do at varying degrees of drunkeness), Red likes a few of the more flashy ones. One of the moves is the 'Hip Hop' where I have a little jump - I was quite scared by it, but it's actually quite fun to do... though I really need some practice! (It's the third move in the clip below.... and can I say that rockabilly jive is much easier than the swing moves in the video!)

It was UCA Jive's 1st birthday bash on Friday - naturally I made cake for the occasion. (Carrot with cream cheese icing, since you asked.) The only thing that Phil specified was that it had to have a mustache on it, so with some help from Doc I duly stenciled one on with blue glitter. Then just as I was getting my stuff together to meet Miss Mac I dropped the cake! The cake was in tin foil so it was fine, just a little battered, but the 'tache just didn't make it through. Cake carnage! Glitter everywhere! So there I was all dolled up desperately trying to clean up loads of edible glitter and put right the icing before I dashed out the door. Phil said that it went down a storm so it must have tasted alright - which is the main thing. Shame that I didn't even get a photo of the magnificent mustache, on the plus side, everyone who remotely came into contact with the cake got glitter all over the place, and who doesn't like glitter?!

So Miss Mac, the cake and I finally made it through the pouring rain to get to the gig. This month Phil had booked in the Doggone Honkabillies. They are a four piece from Essex (a dad on vocals and his son on guitar) who actually are more country than rockabilly - probably the first time that I've ever wished I knew a bit more line dancing! Red and I got some good jiving in, and I danced with a few other people. One gentleman was quite clearly a lindy hopper so I didn't really know the moves but he did a good job of guiding me so it was a really lovely dance. The band were great, they mostly did covers but they did a few of their own songs as well. They did a couple of Johnny Cash songs, some Hank Williams and a few other classics, but they also did a really twangy, country version of Fever. There was definitely some rockabilly influences to their style - they did have a double bass after all, but they also had a slider which gave the songs that slippery, western feel to them. Some of the more upbeat songs were great for bopping, some of the songs were pretty slow so we all got to sit down and listen. They chatted a bit in between songs which was nice and dedicated 'Hey Good Lookin' to the bar staff, which was lovely.

I didn't stick around too long after the band finished their second set, long enough to have a couple more dances with Red and then away into the cold, rainy night. Hopefully by next Jive Night, I will have mastered those flashy moves. Rock it!

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