Wednesday, 1 May 2013

In which some Musings are Mumbled and the Nature of Time is Speculated Upon

It appears that Spring has decided to grace us briefly and with it a lovely flurry of sunshine and conversation with various housemates. As I've gotten to know him, I have discovered that as Doc gets more tired, he also gets more random - here are few gems that popped up in conversation this week:

'Wouldn't it be the worst thing in the world if you were made of cornflakes and it started raining milk and you really had to go outside?'

(I honestly have no idea how we get into these conversations.)

'If we were ever in a plane crash in the middle of nowhere and we were getting really desperate, I would definitely eat you, let's not have any qualms about this - yum yum yum yum, Nat steak, fillet of Nat, Nat sausages with mash, Triple Big Nat with Cheese...I mean don't get me wrong, it would be awful, I'd be sobbing while I did it, of course, and because you're culinarily inclined I would definitely find something to marinade you in, like coconuts and pineapple chunks or something, some good seasoning as a tribute to your life..... Although thinking about it if we ended up somewhere with coconuts, I would just go and get us both some coconuts....'

Speaking of The Doctor, this is ridiculously fantastic:

So time does appear to be a ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff after all. Gosh.

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