Tuesday, 14 May 2013


It's my birthday! So just a little post to tell you what I got up to: I got dressed up and had breakfast with G and Miss V at a new cafe that has just opened in town called Mrs Jones Kitchen. I adore going out for breakfast! This was followed up by cake and coffee naturally. Then we went to browse a bookshop and bought some childrens' books and had a stroll around town. In the evening, I went off to teach meditation - some of my students got me flowers and chocolates! It's been a lovely day all in all.

I've been told there is more in the post and things being made by various people but so far I got a book, a Thelonius Monk CD and quite a lot of chocolate. Many of the cards people gave me had beautiful fonts. I got to wear a skirt and a cardie with cute pockets. All of this has made me very happy.

There will be official celebrations in June when various people are back from holidays so you'll hear more about birthdayness from me, but today has been delightful!

*Update: I got a massive box in the post from my dad containing: Modest Mouse and Madeleine Peyroux and Through the Wormhole and Evolutionaries and Evolutionary Enlightenment! I love getting packages in the post! I also got a handmade birthday card left outside my door from G which was very exciting. So now I have loads of things to play with - that should keep me out of trouble for a while at least....

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