Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Well, I Wasn't Expecting That....

Surprising things that have happened recently:

* One of my friends has a severe stationery habit and put out a call on facebook for people to write to so she could use up some of it. I was so excited when I got a nice little bundle of cards and postcards from her, with little stories about where she got each one and why she purchased them. It made me so happy! Hooray for hand-written letters!

* On the downside, my car went on a voyage to Norfolk and got sick. Middle B borrowed her and the speedo went and she went to the garage to get her checked out and they said there's loads wrong with her, and to be honest, it would cost more than the cost of the car and should probably scrap her and get a new one. She was working just fine the other day, but you know, she is an old girl, so if she wants to give up and retire to a life in sunny Norfolk, that's fine. A blue car would be lovely, maybe Tardis blue...

* I was in the High St today listening to an amazing Russian man playing the Xylophone when a bunch of lads started having a dance with each other. It was great! Then one of them asked me to dance, and so thus it happened that I was having a little dance around with a complete stranger in a crowded, public space. (Another guy asked my friend to dance, but she very sensibly said no.)

Some chaps have a little dance to a little bit of Xylophone music. Rock n' Roll.
I wonder what will happen this week....

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