Sunday, 28 April 2013

Jive Night: The Straight Aces

The legendary Phil (my dance teacher) has a shindig once a month with a live band  for us to jive to. This month he brought in The Straight Aces. You've got to love a band with a double bass! I arrived half way through the first set, said hello to everyone and promptly got grabbed for a dance by Red. There was no one on the floor when we got out there but within a couple of minutes a few other couples joined us - look at us starting the party! As we were flinging ourselves about I heard Phil shout, 'Rock n' Roll!' as he strolled past. As usual there were some incredibly dapper gents and some very glamorous ladies - I had some quite sincere dress envy and definite admiration for some of suits about the place.

The band were fantastic, though pretty fast for jiving to... though we gave it a good go. They were proper Rockabilly and I was pretty happy to chill out and listen to the music when the band were on. I went on for all the strollers and I do admit to having a little bop at the back where no-one could see me (I'm not so confident with my bopping). They did an amazing cover of The House of the Rising Sun and Brand New Cadillac.... and they even did Duelling Banjos with a guitar and a double bass! It was awesome! They had so much energy and sparkle. Towards the end, on about the third encore, they just started messing about and the drummer was 'helping' play the double bass and the guitar with the drumsticks and they were generally jumping about. 

Once the band had finished the DJs played some slightly slower classics and I got a few dances in. I refused to leave until I'd had a dance with Phil.... I got to him somewhere at the end of the evening when he was a bit worse for wear (and also blind drunk) so we had a pretty slow dance. At the end he exclaimed, 'You were magnificent! I was appalling!' gave me a little bow and wandered off to the bar. I was on my way out the door, saying good bye to Red and some of his friends when Hound Dog came on and I couldn't resist dragging him back in for a dance or two before walking home.

A fabulous evening as usual! I can't wait to see who Phil's got lined up for us next month!

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