Sunday, 17 March 2013

Yeah, So Anyway....

We had a Half Day Meditation Workshop yesterday that I was helping out with. It started at 10am and finished at 1pm. We had two sessions of meditation and Buddhist philosphy with a half an hour break in between. The subject this time was Relaxation. I've helped out with these events loads of times and even taught a couple of them myself. I've run many of them myself with no help, and yesterday I had a about five people helping. So in theory this should have gone pretty smoothly.

In the actual event what happened was: there was a person at the back who fell asleep and properly snored right the way through the first meditation (getting into the spirit of the whole relaxation thing...). Then someone turned up 45 minutes late and rang the bell and rustled around well into the teaching. Then one of my lovely housemates (who hasn't been there that long and doesn't understand the acoustics of the house) put the tumble dryer on, so we had to go and turn that off. Then our lovely post man rang the doorbell in the middle of the second meditation and gave me a very cheery hello and had a quick chat in the doorway while I signed for a package (we only ever get Saturday deliveries when we have meditation on). Then I turned round to find that I'd locked myself out so then I had to ring the bell for someone to let me back in (which one of the participants of the course duly did). I'd just about caught my breath and then just as I was getting back into the meditation, the phone rang (because I'd forgotten to unplug it before the course). As I was coming back in, meditation ended and it was time for tea. Goodness! At least the second session was a bit more, erm, relaxing.

Sigh. I guess some days are kind of like that.

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