Tuesday, 26 March 2013

To Whoever Finds This Letter

Someone posted this article to me about how kindness improves mental health and I thought it was really wonderful. It starts with a story about Hannah Brencher, who found herself gradually unravelling. She started writing love letters to strangers and leaving them in public places - she left the first one on a train, addressed 'If you find this letter, then it's for you'. She noticed that her loneliness and sadness took a backseat and she could take the focus off herself. She has since started a wonderful campaign to write more love letters. I found this really moving and beautiful - how inspiring!

To whoever finds this letter

You and I don't know one another. We may never sit and laugh over cups of coffee. We may never dance in the same circles or yawn together by the midnight hour. None of that really matters to me. It is so small and meaningless to the things I wish you would know on a daily basis: that you are lovely. That you are worthy. That those hands of yours were made for mighty, mighty things.
You probably think I am crazy. You are probably sitting here with this letter in your hands thinking, you cannot know that... you don't know me... you don't know a stitch of me. Yes, you're right. But I know all the things I thought I never deserved. I know how very hard it once was to love myself and value myself and even find myself worth the reflection in the mirror. And so I know I am not alone in needing a boost some days, in needing to know that I matter to someone somewhere.

You matter to me. In a way I cannot explain, you matter to me. And you, you are a marvel... you and all the parts of you.
A girl just trying to find her way


  1. This is the neatest idea.... I wonder what it was like for people to find her letters. I bet it really helped when they needed it!

    That Girl in Pearls

    1. I love this idea... and how wonderful to spread a bit of love around the place. I was thinking how lovely it would be to find one of these... I think maybe I'll join in and leave some lying around for other people to find :D

  2. have you seen her ted talk? inspiring!

    1. I hadn't seen that! She's a sweetie! :D