Saturday, 30 March 2013

Jive Night: Dollar Bill

Once a month my dance teacher, the legendary Phil, invites a band over and puts on a Jive Night. Last night, we got to see Dollar Bill and his One Man Band.

All of us girls got dressed up in our swooshy frocks and had a bit of a dance around before Dollar Bill came on for a soundcheck. He started playing and most of us stopped and listened - though some of the lads were having a good bop around. He's got a kind of scrunched up dirty blues kind of sound, so lots of harmonica, drums and a slidey guitar. After the second track, we all clapped and cheered and he said, 'Thank you' very  graciously and then the crowd carried on clapping and cheering, one of the girls gave a howl, and someone else wolf whistled and eventually he had to tell us all to simmer down, 'That's enough now.... I don't think I've ever said that to an audience before.'  He proceeded to play an hour long set which was pretty wonderful. Such a talented man!

After his set, the DJ came back on with some Rockabilly numbers and we all hit the dancefloor. I even managed a couple of dances with Phil, which got increasingly more haphazard the more he'd been drinking - lots of, 'Sorry!' and 'Oh, no wrong signal!' but it was all good fun. He told me at the end of our second dance that I'd nailed it - given that I've only been dancing for a couple of months I felt understandably proud. I also got a chance to dance with a couple of the ladies who lead, which was lovely since they understand the ways that following works as well as the way that leading works. One of the ladies has been teaching us how to stroll and at the end of one of the strolls she exclaimed, 'You've really got it!'. Another lady taught me some swing moves which was nice, and later on her and Miss Mac started to teach me a bit of the Charleston which was very exciting, I felt like I was in The Artist!

It was all such good fun, and the crowd were so lovely. I can't jive and be unhappy - it just doesn't work! I'm really looking forward to the next event.


  1. "I can't jive and be unhappy - it just doesn't work!" I like :)

    1. Yeah, if I'm having a bad day going to jive makes everything better! Dancing round the kitchen to rockabilly music is almost as good may not solve any major problems but it might take your mind off things for a while and sometimes that is all you need :)