Friday, 22 March 2013

It's Like There is a Conspiracy to Make Me Happy or Something

I was on Skype to the beautiful Jules the other day and it kept cutting out. This is not that surprising, except  that it cut out at really specific points, namely every time either of us wanted to talk about things that were bothering us. She is looking for a new job and every time she started to tell me about a specific training thing she is doing Skype would interrupt us. Every time I tried to talk about anything that was perplexing me Skype hung up the call. When we started talking about all the good things that were happening it let us carry on for ages, but the minute I started to whinge about anything, that was that.

Then when I went on Facebook a few days ago in a foul mood I tried to post a slightly negative status - not even really negative, just a bit grumpy actually. I tried three times and it simply would not post! As soon as I posted a different status that had nothing to do with that, it posted first time.

It's like all the technology in my life is acting as my conscience by channeling my primary school teacher: 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.' Maybe I needed to focus on the lovely things again... thanks for the reminder!


  1. Hello, dear old dotty oracle! It's nice to see someone finding a good way to spin the issue of technial difficulties with the internet - and somehow no surprise that it's you... Just as spenign time with my step-mum always reminds me that being a Quaker is a life, rather than something you wear round your neck, so you remind me that life-choice and an attitude, not a label behind which it's just business-as-usual. Thank you and be hapy!
    Oh, btw, if you're interested, there've been a couple of recent updates on my creative writing blog. Hope Buddhism allows of ghost stories, 'cause one of them is one!

    1. Ah, thanks Imogen! Sometimes it feels like life is winking at me, 'Stop taking things so seriously! Stop worrying!'. It's getting easier to let things go as I get older which is really nice.

      Oh, I'll check out your blog soon when I have some space to curl up with some tea and sit and read uninterrupted for a bit. How exciting! I love reading your work :) And yeah, I'm not sure if ghosts exist or not, but I love a good ghost story!

  2. Aargh! Please edit that weird neologism there to the word "spending"!! "Spenign" is a new one on me...