Friday, 1 February 2013

Month of Gratitude Day 1: My Body

We're at the tail end of winter where the cold is dragging on, no-one knows the appropriate dress for the weather and loads of us are coming down with various bugs. I decided that this would be a good month for me to find things to feel grateful for. I have had a rough ride the last few months and one of the things that got me through was looking around for the beauty and kindness in life. Now life is getting better but I don't want to forget those things. So, inspired by the Quite Continental Charm School, I decided this month to post one thing a day that I feel grateful for. Feel free to comment, respond, tell me stories, give me suggestions or tell me what makes you appreciate life more.

So: Day 1 - My Body

I went to my 2nd Jive lesson the other day and it was so much fun - I mean what other dance has moves that are called 'the windmill', 'the teapot' and 'shifting wardrobes'?! Going to yoga has also been a revelation in terms of learning about my body and it's capacities, it's strength, it's flexibility. I think most of the time we focus so much on the parts that we don't like - the parts that don't look good, the parts that don't function like they used to - that we forget that everyday we inhabit something pretty miraculous. Some of my friends are in wheelchairs, are deaf or have cognitive problems and when I look at them I see how adaptable our bodies are, how much they will shift around to cope with the most amazing circumstances. When you start to really look at bodies and how much can go wrong, you end up really appreciating just how much for most people on most days everything turns out well. We wake up and we're still breathing, our heart kept pumping through the night. That is extraordinary if you think about it, so today, that's what I'm grateful for: I'm still here, I'm still breathing, I can dance and sing and stretch and watch sunsets and call my friends, my body is still functioning as it should - thank you!

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