Friday, 8 February 2013

Gratitude Day 8: My Knitting Group

I've just come back from our usual Friday meet up for the Knitting Group. It used to be run mostly by T but now us girls have taken over. This week we were thinking about charity projects we could do and today we wrote cards to send to sick children. I think we will probably expand on that by taking on some craft projects for charity as well. We ended up having a conversation about how kind people are: Miss T was telling us about her cousin who had given away a tent, some utensils, some clothes and a gas stove to a homeless person near-by, someone else mentioned about the policeman who was caught on camera giving a homeless person some shoes and socks, someone else mentioned about a couple she knew who were at a restaurant with their young child and when they got up to pay they found that an old couple sitting opposite had paid for their meal for them. It was all very heartwarming.

The thing I like about our group is that it's really inclusive, anyone can come along even if they don't knit. We are all so diverse from each other, which makes for some interesting comversations, but generally we are all really supportive of each other as well. People have brought along friends and partners and they have all been accepted. I look forward to Fridays when we drink tea, stitch and have a gossip. People are kind: if one of us has no money the others will pick up the slack that week, and we often buy food to share amongst the table. It has been lovely getting to know them and being inspired by them. For that, I'm grateful.

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