Sunday, 3 February 2013

Gratitude Day 3: Comforts

Some days are up and some days are down and sometimes it's nice to have someone to talk to and snuggle with. Yesterday, G and I were walking back to her house via the graveyard when we took a detour.'Where are we going?' I asked. 'To find Sylvester' she replied. Sylvester is her nickname for a black car with white paws that hangs out in the Eastern-most part of the graveyard. He is soft and snuggly and purrs like an engine when you pick him up and stroke him. 'Whenever I'm upset I go to the graveyard to think things through and have a cry - and he's always there, he always comes to talk to me'. As we left, he followed us to her door and spent some time with us in the house sitting on both of our laps and having a snuggle. After a couple of hours G walked the cat back to the graveyard so that he didn't get lost.

That feeling of having someone there who is listening, someone who won't judge you or blame you or take sides is very important. Many pets do just that - provide comfort at times when you can't even say how you are feeling, when you're all upside down and turned around. I've had counsellors who have performed this function and I've got many friends that are there when the going gets tough. I am sincerely grateful for all of you. Without you my life would have taken a very different course, and my heart would be hard and cold. So a big thank you to all the people - human or otherwise - that have provided that comfort when it was necessary.

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