Monday, 25 February 2013

Gratitude Day 25: Creativity

Yesterday, G and I went into the Paper Apothecary again. Since it was the last day, the creator and her assistant were there and we got chatting. It turns out that they work on various creative projects around the city in conjunction with many other people - some of whom I know. We had a wonderful time exchanging ideas and exhibitions we'd been to, suggesting blogs and artists and poetry nights and burlesque groups. It turns out this little town has quite a lot of inspiring stuff happening.

We also talked about how the Paper Apothecary could be used to help in schools and in other places. I mentioned that I had been to a lecture by someone who helps dementia patients construct life story books as part of their therapy. G said she knew of someone in an old people's home who had constructed a whole 50s street that the patients and families could wander down and use as a talking point to help their memories. The ladies said that they knew of loads of other art projects that were bringing people together and getting people interested in culture. It was really lovely to talk to people who are so creative. It fired up my creativity and I started thinking much more about projects that I'd like to be involved with, things I'd like to embark on.

Later on Doc came home and read me some poetry he had written. It was a charming evening, to say the least. I haven't really been that productive lately in that area, so it was nice to get some inspiration, it made my heart lighter and stirred my imagination.

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