Friday, 22 February 2013

Gratitude Day 22: My Parents

I saw my mum today. I hadn't seen her in a while, and we only had a cup of coffee really, but it was quite nice. I cheekily asked her if she would pay for my shopping and she did, bless her. What are parents for, eh?

I haven't always gotten along so well with my mum, but as I get older I appreciate her more. I think I see more of her good qualities - she is good with money, she's very practical. My dad is a different story - we get on really well, he has always inspired me to look at things differently, given me interesting spiritual and philosophical books to read, talked to me about science. My step mum is different again - she talks to me more about my feelings, my relationships. As time goes on and my relationship to the world evolves I am grateful for their roles in my life, even if growing up wasn't always easy.

The thing that really shifted my feelings towards my mum was really considering what she did do for me, as opposed to what she didn't. She took care of my sister and I to the best of her ability - she fed us, clothed us, gave us an education, opportunities, and in my case, helped me get counselling when I was suffering from depression as a teenager. You might ask if surely these are the least a parent should be doing but actually I am aware that many people don't get even that much. Those things are no small thing, they are the building blocks of my life.

Sometimes I take that all for granted. Not today!

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