Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gratitude Day 2: Sleep

Recently I've been a bit grumpy and a bit achy and it took me a while to realise that this was probably because I hadn't slept well. I have a tendency to work better in the late afternoon or the evening but unfortunately life often makes me wake up early so I spend the day yawning. I'd say I need about 8 - 10 hours to feel well rested - though I can't tell because I often get mild insomnia and it takes me a long time to get to sleep. Today I just let my body do what it wanted and I woke up at a shocking 10.30am... I must have needed the sleep!

There are loads of health benefits to getting a sound nights sleep: better memory, lower stress, improved circulation in the heart are just some of them. It's quite amazing what the body is doing while we're asleep, this is the time when most maintenance happens and when memory is consolidated. It also happens to be one of my favourite activities, not just sleep itself but all the things that go with it: I love pyjamas, sleepy time tea and reading in bed. In fact, one of the reasons I end up going to sleep so late is because I'm avidly reading! (I think I'll leave that for another post). I love being snuggled up under a duvet in the winter, even if it's not time for bed, it certainly makes me more relaxed.

So here's to sleep - thankfully I managed a full nights sleep, I hope for a few more!

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