Monday, 18 February 2013

Gratitude Day 18: Technolgy

....more specifically communications technology. My family and quite a number of my close friends live in far away, if not in different countries. Skype has been saving me from horrendous phone bills for a while now. Texting is now a whole other means of communication - I have been known to have conversations that last four days over text that have been delightful. I don't have a smart phone, but I would say that I use a computer nearly everyday - some of that time for work, but not an insignificant amount goes on keeping up correspondence through email or facebook (and writing a blog, of course!). These things have become part of everyday life, and it has changed the way that we express ourselves in relationships. Technology has been changing communications for centuries - I'm sure even when the postal service was introduced there were people lamenting it assuming that we would only ever rely on post and never see each other in person again. Actually I love getting post - one of my friends sent me a Valentines day card through the post and it made me so happy. I think that letter writing is it's own art form. I love postcards too - PostSecret is one of my favourite sites - they can be so creative and yet so open.

All these new forms of technology start new forms of communication. And while I don't think that anything can replace person to person contact, I really appreciate all these new developments. They make people who are far away much more accessible and you get to see a slightly different side to a person with every different mode of communication. So maybe they are not taking away anything, just adding different dimensions to our interactions. Either way, I'm pretty happy that I see my godson growing up even though he lives in a different country, or I can talk to my best friend for two hours if I want too for free. It is amazing when you stop and think about it.

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