Sunday, 17 February 2013

Gratitude Day 17: My Housemates

For those of you who don't know, I live in a communal house. The last few months we dwindled down to four people and then suddenly in the last two weeks four new people have moved in. Most of the time I've been the chatty sociable one, but it looks like at least three of the new people are talkative so I'll have company!

The lovely thing about living in a shared house is that when I want a bit of quiet I retire to my room but if I want company then I can just knock on someone's door. On the whole we are all pretty independent, but we do have some communal times - there have definitely been a few sessions playing board games on a rainy day. Miss H and I tend to cook together, or hang out and have a chat. Obviously there are some people I'll get on with more than others, and of course not everything is rosy all the time, but I try to use it as a learning experience about myself and about others - it's a great way to sharpen my social skills, and to appreciate different points of view.

Since we've had so many new arrivals, I'm still waiting to see what house dynamics will emerge. It seems like quite a few of us like cooking which is exciting. Doc is thinking about coming with me to Jive nights. F&A have only just moved in today but when I came downstairs they made me fresh coffee. So far it's all quite delightful! 

I have to say that some of my longest lasting friendships have come out of shared house experiences - I still reminisce about living with Bendy in my final year of Uni or brushing my teeth most nights together with Miss M or having coffee (a lot of coffee!) with Miss Roo or knitting with Cat. I hope that I'll keep in touch with Miss H for a long time as well. I'm really grateful for all the amazing housemates I've had in the past and I hope the trend continues. Thank you, lovely housemates!

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