Sunday, 10 February 2013

Gratitude Day 10: Unexpected Surprises

Yesterday I had various adventures trying to get to see Fairy Princess Mummy and the family. It all started when I went to the library to find something new to read. I had no idea that the Paper Apothecary had been set up in the front room to help people remedy their ills. You go to the desk and one of the pharmacists will ask you what is wrong, look it up in the big remedy bible and give you a prescription.

The Paper Apothecary in action.

Everything there is made of paper - all the selves, the remedies behind, and even the aprons. I went up and asked for something to give me more creativity and joy and the lady wrote me out a prescription. She said "It has been hard work, but it's been such a lovely day seeing the joy it brings everyone! And the prescriptions have been so varied and so much fun - two families were told that they needed to dance about in the lift and they both did it. One of them said that they danced around as they were coming down as well as going up!". Not only were they dispensing some joy, but they also had complimentary tea and cake too. It was utterly charming.

After that unexpected interlude, I popped into the Good Shed to pick up a house gift for the family. There were chocolates and wine and many other things to choose from, and in the end I settled for some Canterbury Cobble cheese and some fresh olive and sun-dried tomato bread. I meandered about the place, bumped into a couple of people I hadn't seen for a while. As I was chatting I heard some music coming from behind me. I turned to the tiny corridor that leads to the loos and saw someone having a good old time playing the piano. It was unexpected, but very lovely. I took a few minutes to stand and listen before I headed for my train.
Some unexpected piano playing.
Once I got to the station I had a bit of time to spare, so I got a cup of tea and read my book. Or I would have if I hadn't knocked it flying and spilled it all over the place. Sigh. I went and got the lady behind the counter to come and clean up for me and I asked for another cup of tea. She duly came and mopped the floor and made me another brew - free of charge! How lovely.

So finally I made it over to see the family. After dinner, some friends of FP Daddy came round so I got to meet a few new people which is always fun. After a few drinks and bit of conversation, FP Daddy and one of the other chaps got a little dance party started in the living room - with the lights dimmed and little laser lights and everything. It was so much fun we ended up dancing to all sorts of stuff - I think the highlight must have been trying to do all the actions to Superman by Black Lace. A great time was had by all. (At the time - we were all a bit worse for wear the next day!).

I love unexpected surprised because it reminds me that the world is much bigger than me, that so many things are possible that I haven't thought of yet, and that there is joy round every corner if only we look for it. Today reminded me not to preempt things too much, just to sit back and enjoy what comes my way - you never know what's going to turn up.

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