Thursday, 24 January 2013

You Make Me Wanna Dance

You may recall that over the new year I went out dancing for the evening and much joy and merriment was had. When my friend, Miss Mac, said that there was a jive class starting up on Wednesday evenings I jumped at the chance. For a while. Then after that I got a bit nervous about my level of co-ordination (or lack thereof) and my complete inexperience of dancing with partners. This is not something that is taught anymore, which is a great shame (especially for the people dancing with me).

In the event, I mustered up the courage and went to the first class yesterday. It was much more relaxed than I thought it would be! There weren't that many people because it's been snowing round these parts and so they were waiting to advertise it. Most of us were wearing jeans and trainers (good job too, it was freezing out), and there were a good few men to dance with (aparently this is a perennial problem). One couple there had only had two lessons, and another couple had been jiving for a year so there were lots different levels there. Since I was a complete newbie, most of the directions were aimed at me. We learned several basic moves and it turns out that jive is much easier than I had thought - it essentially constists of twirling around. Which was fun. So. Much. Fun. I'm very much looking forward to going back next week. I'll be dancing around the place pretending my life is a musical before you know it.

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