Saturday, 12 January 2013

Resolutions: Mrs Fox 5, January 0.

I've already started on my New Years resolutions: on Thursday I let the team at the Centre know that I'm quitting my position there. I don't think anyone was particularly surprised. I'll still help out a bit every now and then and I'm still going to be teaching meditation every week, but it was a really major stress in my life recently and I'm glad that I let that go. Hooray for letting go of stressful situations!

We go antique hunting in Hythe

To celebrate, I met up with my friend Jean yesterday. We drove down to Hythe and went antique hunting. After I'd managed to spend ages trying to park adequately with Jean outside helping me ("Now turn the wheel this way! Come forward a bit more!"), we went into the Malt House to look though the Antique Market. She found a lovely coloured table runner, so I bought that as her Christmas present, and I found a 1950's Jewelcraft costume bracelet so she got that for me.

1950's Jewelcraft bracelet
It was nice going along all the little booths and stalls and looking at all the teacups and jewellery and Grandfather clocks. I saw a Grandmother clock (smaller than a Grandfather clock with no pendulum), scarf clips (apparently ladies used to wear them keep their scarves in place but I'd never seen them before), an invalids cup (looks like a mug with the top half covered over and a spout so that the sick and elderly could drink tea) and a shaving mug (there is a spout where you dip the brush in and a hole at the top for the soap). At the far end was a little cafe where some gentlemen were sat gossiping. They usually tell stories and jokes ("They're ever so saucy", says Jean "Some of the language, I tell you!") but today he was telling about a trip to the doctors. It's got a really nice atmosphere, everyone talks to each other and you can see all sorts of bits and pieces and if you stay for long enough I dare say you'll hear all sorts of stories.

I succumb to temptation
and buy a hat
After that we went to the Old Willow for lunch. The food was good (though not that much for vegetarians) and the portion sizes were more than decent. It's quite a nice old building too. We had a good old natter for a while. Then we decided to pop into another shop (where I saw a shoe horn back scratcher). We were making good time, so on our way home we stopped in the garden centre and went to Butterflies cafe for another pot of tea and some pear and ginger cake. Jean used to go there a lot with her best friend Maureen when she was still alive, and the owner did ask about her which was touching. The cafe itself is pretty quirky, and it's completely decorated with various things with butterflies on them - apparently people used to bering in things especially for them - so it's a real mix and match job. Alas, they also had some charity books for sale and I ended up buying a book. And also a hat. Oh well!

Butterflies Cafe

All in all it was a very nice day out.  If the weather is better, next time we'll stroll along the sea front and hike up to the church, but I think that might need to be on hold til spring. So: I've let go of stressful situations (resolution no. 13), I've connected so someone (no. 1), discovered a new place (no. 3), made time for something that made me happy (no. 14), and seen my friends more (no.17). So far it's Me 5, January 0. Sticking to resolutions is turning out to be fun!


  1. Me 5, January 0.
    I love it: Positive, positive, positive!

    I'm sorry I haven't seen you in forever, or so it seems. Schedule is getting choka with new studies, but let's do exciting things soon, whoop!

    Oh and I've started a new blog: I like to call it "Middle B's TEA".

    Loves x

    1. Look at you go! I'm looking fwd to hearing about all your adventures! Wooo! xx