Monday, 28 January 2013

Lovely Graffiti and other ridiculousness

I love the girls toilets at work, they always have really uplifting graffiti:

we have the loveliest graffiti <3

Other things that happened this week:

* My car took pity on me and not only started first time, but also let me play Ella Fitzgerald which I went on to warble at the top of my voice with gay abandon. I can only assume she was feeling sorry for me in the cold.

* I got caught by my friends several times dancing about in public places - such as the High St and the beach front. I'd like to blame this on the Jive classes but I think the true cause may be that I'm just a bit special sometimes.

* I had an interesting time with a dysfunctional tea-set when going out for tea yesterday. Much comedy tea spilling and throwing about of milk ensued. I miracuously managed not to throw tea all over myself, though M did not fare as well (presumably because I was wearing a black t-shirt, while he was in light grey - which is prime tea spilling colour most designed to show up anything you spill). Neither did the table, the sofa, my coat or the tea tray. Watch out for tea sets made of metal, and keep lots of napkins handy.

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