Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I rang in the new year at Trish and Paul's house, which inevitably included yummy food, wine, and dancing the night away - including the Time Warp, the YMCA, and a zombie conga line for Thriller. Hailey and Alex were in charge of the playlist, but we made sure there was a lot of Motown which got all the parentals up and dancing. Since both of them are musicians, there was a lot of air guitar to be had, which degenerated into air violin, air saxophone, air trumpet, air trombone, air tamborine (which looks rather like jazz hands), air triangle, and air xylophone.  With 4 sticks. These are talented air musicians, I tell you. I knighted Rudi (with a corkscrew) so she could become part of the British Contingent even though she's from Kalamazoo. We counted down and rang in the new year with hats and garlands and whistles and champagne. Afterwards, we were just having a conversation about bow ties with Alex when a man with a bow tie walked in. When Rudi asked if it was real, he replied "Only a waiter wears a clip on bow tie!", so she asked if he could show her how to tie one and he very graciously took his tie off and let her put on his tie. What a gentleman! Well, start as you mean to go on: in which case, I can only assume that the year will bring more zombie conga lines, bow ties and sparkly hats.

It's time for resolutions! A new year has started: what will we accomplish?

connect - create art - discover new places - do more yoga - drive better - evolve - fall in love with fictional characters - find my balance - get focus and clarity about my spiritual path - get healthier - heal my body - hit the gym! - let go of stressful situations - make time for the things that make me happy - meditate more - read some beautiful books - see my friends more - simplify my life - travel

What will you all be up to this year? Any resolutions that you'd like to share?


  1. My main resolution for 2013 is "Keep creating". But I'll happily join you on most of yours. Numbers 4,5 and 16 I can't do because I don't do them (as it were) and number 7 I think I do far too much of as it is!
    Happy New Year, old friend...

    1. I admit that some of these are context specific, yeah... but I'm happy to have company on all the rest! and I'm a willing recipient for your resolution! May the sun shine on you this year :)