Friday, 18 January 2013

Fantasy Dinner Party League

Today, we had our first knitting group of the year. We meet up every Friday for a knit and natter, or a stitch and bitch as the rest of the world knows it. They are a quirky, fun little group and I really enjoy spending time with them. We shared various projects we are working on, what went on over Christmas and any spare gossip, but as usual, as time progressed our conversation got a little bit more random. Today we got chatting about what famous people we would invite to dinner. Initially we included dead people (like Oscar Wilde, Erasmus Darwin and Steve Irwin) but the list got so long that we had to limit it to people who are actually alive and could theoretically come to a dinner party. I had said 10 people, but in the end we were just throwing names out there.
So: in no particular order, people who we would invite to a dinner party would include:

David Attenborough (this was completely unanimous)
Stephen Fry
Tim Minchin
Stephen Hawking (this was suggested by Miss T, to much nodding of heads)
J.K. Rowling (shouted out by Miss C)
Brian Cox
Simon Pegg (anyone who photobombs Tom Cruise has to be awesome!)
Neil Gaiman
Dara O'Brien
Eddie Izzard
David Bowie
Judi Dench ('Can we have more women, please?' so here you go...)
Michelle Obama
Barack Obama ('He's the coolest guy ever!!' exclaimed Mr T)
Michael MacIntyre

....evidently we are really into scientists and entertainers! We have a couple of other people thrown in just for good measure. I though Nigella Lawson could cook for us, but Charlotte thought Heston Blumental would be more fun. Eventually Teya and G started hatching a plan to get us all matching bobble hats and a secret handshake and we all knew it was time for us to get back to work.

People I would have added:
Jenny Lawson - the Bloggess
Amanda - aka Euphoria Girl
Vi Hart - the girl from Doodling in Math Class
Bill Bryson
Ken Wilber

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