Friday, 4 January 2013

Christmas Holiday Round-up

I arrived home this afternoon after a good 12 hours of a plane and two and a half hours on tubes and trains. It was all pretty smooth, though there weren't any dancing cowboys on this flight. I miss my parents and I wish we lived closer, but holidays have to end sometime so it's back to normality for me... whatever that may be!

Things I got up to while I visited my folks:

- went to see The Hobbit in 3D... I do like those glasses!
- went to see the Faberge exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts (incredibly intricate artwork with some historical context of the situation in Russia at the time) - we ended up getting VIP tickets because the lady at the ticket desk liked my accent!
- went for coffee (no change there, then)
- read lots of books
- ate curry
- ate sushi
- did a bit of knitting
- had a pretty rigorous facial with the lovely Eva
- watched a lot of telly. Loads. No really. We watched: The Artist (which I loved), Sherlock (stunning!), the Adventures of Tin TinDoctor Who (Matt Smith as the doctor who I really appreciate), and many many episodes of Merlin (my step-mum has become a little obsessed!). Thanks, Netflix!
- danced the night away on New Years Eve
- went to see Les Mis (extraordinarily moving! Bring tissues. Lots and lots of tissues.)
- drank Vietnamese coffee at the Bean and Leaf Cafe
- went to Muddy Water Zen for some Sunday meditation

I think that's quite enough for one holiday!

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